Information Technology Services

Project Management

Wagner Resources, Inc. provides dedicated Program and Project Management to all projects. Further, the entire WRI Management Team maintains current and up- to-date Project Management Professional certifications, ensuring that the principles of the Project Management Institute, the industry and government-wide Project Management standards are maintained in order to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

Business Software Application Development

The objectives of WRI software development efforts are to improve the overall readiness, capability, effectiveness, and efficiency of standard business processes for our clients. WRI develops business applications with a focus on web-based applications capable of combining multiple functionalities and on the streamlining and integration of the work environment. WRI primarily focuses on the following technologies and capabilities:

  • ASP.NET 1.0 or higher (C#), utilizing IIS 6.0 or higher
  • SQL Server 2000 or higher (capable of interfacing with other database systems such as Oracle, Access, or Sybase)
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (capable of utilizing third party reporting tools, or providing custom development of reporting needs)
  • Windows NT or Higher

WRI leads the development community in development methodology and implementation standards. Supporting the concept of enterprise architecture compliance, and to ensure the possibility and functionality to integrate multiple systems or combine multiple functions into a single application, WRI provides the following development standards:

  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Spiral Development Methodology
  • Incremental functionality design, development, and implementation
  • Integration of User Testing, Quality Assurance, and Production Rollout Cycles

In order to ensure end-to-end design, development, and implementation, WRI provides infrastructure support to ensure continuous operations, minimal downtime, and the improvement of overall integration of systems throughout the enterprise. Some of the service offerings are as follows:

  • LAN/WAN Administration and Maintenance
  • Database Administration and Migration
  • Enterprise Architecture Design, Development, and Review

Software Development Support Services

While WRI's highly skilled development team provides the foremost capability to meet the needs of client technical needs, WRI also provides supplemental support including Software Development Lifecycle documentation. The following are additional services WRI provides in support of our Software Development activities:

  • Requirements Gathering and Analysis
  • Documentation Preparation
  • Communications Planning
  • Liaison Services in support of development

Product: Delta Core

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Delta Core is a web-based application designed to automate Workers Compensation Claims and Safety and Health Incident reporting for government agencies and commercial businesses. Delta Core automates the traditional paper process in order to ensure:

  • Timely and Accurate claim filing
  • Increased oversight and visibility of injury and incident reporting
  • Direct communication with the Office of Workers Compensation Programs at the Department of Labor using EDI based communications
  • More effective and efficient reporting against the President's S.H.A.R.E. goals for Workers' Compensation and Safety and Health Offices

Delta Core is a business application utilizing and residing on the infrastructure of an agency/corporation in order to allow controlled access to the tool by employees who file, review and/or approve workers compensation claim(s) and the associated Safety and Health Incident report(s). Every organization utilizing Delta Core increases their compliance with the goals and objectives of the President, while helping improve the level of support provided to all federal/state/local government employees and commercial employees alike. Delta-Core requires four steps to become active for any organization:

  • Purchase the Application License
  • Determine Custom Application Requirements
  • Implement the Entire Application on Agency Infrastructure
  • Annual Maintenance and Regular Upgrades


Product: FOIAworks

Product Information Sheet

​This online application is designed to track the accountability and processing of seven types of requests/reviews: FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Requests, Privacy Act Requests, Mandatory Declassification Reviews, Systematic Declassification Reviews, Automatic Declassification Reviews, Appeals, and Litigations. FOIAworks delivers faster FOIA processing and document declassification without the burdensome and consuming paper process. FOIAworks fully automates case management allowing:

  • A standardized workflow process that increases responsiveness and decreases responsive time
  • A user-friendly environment
  • Perfect tracking of individual case status and timeliness
  • Automatic annual and ad hoc report generation
  • Complete record management storage
  • A forum for easy inter- and intra-agency communication

FOIA Training Facility

Located right off the I-270 technology corridor in Gaithersburg, MD is our high-traffic FOIA Training Facility (FTF) that is at the forefront of training FOIA specialists, attorneys, and information officers. Headed by our Lead FOIA Trainer, Deryl Richardson, this facility produces top-notch FOIA officers and legal advisors who work extensively with FOIA/Privacy Act. Our trainees are brought up to date on many key components of FOIA support including:

  • Tracking and documentation
  • Record retrieval
  • Electronic redaction
  • FOIA exemptions
  • Fees and fee waiver determinations
  • Backlog management
  • Affirmative disclosure
  • Common problems in FOIA administration
Our FOIA Training Facility ensures that we continue to produce FOIA officers with the best, up-to-date skills on hand for handling FOIA administration and litigation.