Administrative Support Solutions

‚ÄčAdministrative & Clerical Support

WRI’s commitment to exceeding the expectations of our clients is apparent in the quality and capabilities of the administrative support service professionals utilized to support our clients. WRI provides executive level administrative support services and clerical support services focused on increasing the effectiveness, efficiency, communication, and general support for Federal Executives such as Chief Financial Officers, Operations Directors, and Sub-organization leadership. The WRI Team ensures the highest qualifications and utilizes extreme care in selecting all of our administrative support professionals in order to ensure that the qualifications, experience, and initiative of those individuals are beyond the expectation of our clients. Amongst the board range of WRI capabilities, WRI has proven experience providing administrative support to manage administrative tasks including:

  • Drafting outgoing communications: letters, memorandums, response to inquiries
  • Transcriptionist/Stenographer delivery
  • Drafting/production meeting minutes and agendas
  • Data entry and consolidation
  • Travel coordination, including usage of the Defense Travel System (DTS)
  • On-site and off-site security and computer access
  • Badging
  • Mail delivery and pick-up
  • Screening and logging inbound correspondence (phone, fax, mail, and email)
  • Printing and publication
  • Stock room upkeep and inventory

We also offer FOIA/Privacy Act support services to government clients. Please see FOIA Support for more information.

Event Planning

WRI Event Planning Team understands our clients’ needs to rapidly assess and handle emerging and urgent policy issues. WRI make the timely execution of all conference and logistics planning our priorities when planning events and meetings. We provide full range of administrative, logistical, website, and program management support to meet our clients’ objectives. We consider a successful event to be one that adheres exactly to the schedule as planned, stays within budget, and ends with minimal interruption. Our event planning services entail:

  • Event agenda preparation
  • Evaluation of potential venues
  • Contract negotiation with venues involving meeting space, break-out rooms, Audio Visual (AV) set-up, refreshments, and food.
  • Prepare pre-event materials (seating charts, member and guest notebooks, etc.)
  • Venues comply with contract regarding food service, room setup, and AV equipment
  • Track attendance of invited speakers and guests, and ensure receipt of their meeting materials (PowerPoint presentations, handouts, etc.)
  • Registration table setup with name badges, table tents, and signage throughout the venue
  • Additional meeting facilitation, IT, and/or audiovisual support if needed
  • Delivery of meeting transcript and minutes
  • Travel plans for guests involving hotel arrangement, booking travel or creating local Individual Travel Orders (ITO)’s, and coordinating travel to and from hotels
  • Reimbursement of participant travel expenses and stipends.

Federal Advisory Committee Support (FACA)

WRI has extensive experience working under the purview of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) while supporting the WHS Recovering Warrior Task Force. In accordance with the FACA to ensure complete and accurate information is publically available, WRI’s FACA administrator works regularly to update the Task Force budget and document inputs into the online FACA database. WRI also ensures records compliance is filed in accordance with the General Records Schedule and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) for paper, electronic, and Web 2.0 records. As part of WRI’s internal quality assurance process, multiple budget, records, and document control audits are conducted to ensure compliance of all FACA guidelines.

WRI manages and executes all levels of operational and logistical support to include: Defense Travel System (DTS) and travel support, clerical and administrative support, event support, document management support, and briefings and presentation support. Over the course of a fiscal year, WRI executes six annual Federal Committee business meetings, twelve military installation visits, and supports the creation of the Task Force’s annual report to the Secretary of Defense. The proper planning and management of WRI’s support functions have proven critical in the execution of scheduled business meeting and installation visit events with the Recovering Warrior Task Force. WRI utilizes project management tools, such as the Integrated Master Schedule (IMS), to execute, monitor, and control the support functions in support of the multiple events.

Records Management

Our Records Management services provide personnel, hardware, and software to meet our client’s needs. In addition to receiving, processing, and maintaining all documents and records, WRI ensures accurate and complete documentation of policies and transactions. Further, WRI operates with strict supervision of the quality and quantity of records produced, establishing mechanisms of control in order to prevent the creation of unnecessary records. The objective of our records management efforts are to evaluate workflow, policies, systems, and records retention schedules to achieve the most efficient records management system for our clients.

Travel Management

Our Travel Management personnel have years of experience in handling travel systems such as the Defense Travel System (DTS), GovTrip, and Fed Travel used by many government agencies. Our staff will plan and conduct all official travel for clients, prepare reservations, process travel cards, and generate travel voucher and reimbursement. Our staff also understands federal and state regulations regarding official travel, and we ensure all travel arrangements are done in accordance with requirements.

Paralegal Support

Our licensed and certified paralegal personnel provide paralegal support to meet clients’ needs. Our staff are trained to provide the following services:

  • Perform legal research
  • Handle heavy volume case documents
  • Prepare Discovery, Trial, and Exhibits documents
  • Facilitate mediation and settlement
  • Perform transcription, hearings, statements, interviews, and depositions