Message From the President

Thank you for visiting the WRI website.

I founded Wagner Resources, Inc. (WRI) on the principal of Exceeding Expectations - that is, striving to exceed the expectations of our clients, partners, colleagues, and most importantly our employees. And it is through this commitment to deliver quality products and/or services, while fostering a corporate environment of professional and personal development that earns WRI recognition as a trusted resource in government contracting.

Our corporate philosophy on building a successful business venture is based on the strategic planning of our experienced management team and the subsequent implementation of these targeted objectives by our talented employees. Together WRI achieves the following:

Our company foundation is solid and well-identified;
Our corporate mission and core values are clear and practiced; and
Our operational processes are organized, efficient, and effective.

And through my own experiences as an employee and consultant to other government contracting organizations, I firmly believe it is critical to maintain a close-knit, team-oriented environment to foster continued growth and long term success. And therefore, my personal philosophy centers around the following - Confidence, Contribution, and Commitment. Since our employees believe in and adopt the same philosophy, we make great things happen here at WRI!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. I hope you visit us again soon.

Jean Hsieh Wagner
President & CEO